10 Things You Should Buy in your Twenties

It’s always been said that your every purchase should be an investment, a good investment at that. While you are in your twenties, you might find yourself a lot of times strapped for cash. But there are just some purchases that will last from your twenties to 30s and even beyond.

Here are some of the thing you can spend your money on your 20s and your future self might thank you. You may find purchasing these very rewarding as it satisfies a certain aspect in your life. Let’s take a look at the items included in the list.

Hard Drive

This might not be exactly a fun purchase but this is one of the items that your future self will definitely thank you. A good hard drive will help you back up important files and it allows for more storage in your computer and phone.

You don’t have to worry about getting low storage and files getting deleted if you have a hard drive. This will make you keep memories and go back to videos, photos, and files that have been stored from years back. It comes with different storage spaces, the bigger the storage, the more expensive it may be but the good thing is that a hard drive can also last a long time.

Reliable Laptop

Good quality and sturdy laptop can be considered as a good investment for both your leisure and your work life. We do a lot of things online so working with a good laptop with enough storage, battery life and longevity will always get the job done.

If you’re in your twenties, chances are you are still in college or you have just recently graduated and you can easily score discounts that are exclusive for students. Having a good quality laptop will allow you to do your researchers and papers for school and it opens an opportunity for flexible working.

Good quality mattress and couch

We spend most of our time here on earth sleeping, so it’s a wise decision to invest in a good quality mattress. In order for you to know if the mattress is the perfect suited for you, you should test it out and sleep on it.

The same rule applies for the couch, this is another furniture that you will often spend a great amount of time on. When it comes to your sleeping furniture, always make sure that you purchase the one that will give you the most comfort.

Hoodies & Jackets

These are a great investment especially if you like traveling. This will come in handy whenever you feel cold and in a new place and you’re not yet familiar with their weather. A good quality hoodie and jacket should last you a long time.

Hoodies and jackets are also a wardrobe staple that every individual has. These don’t just add style to your fashion sense but it has proven to be very useful in different situations. You can just wear anywhere you go.

A nice suit

It will always be a good idea to invest in a suit or business apparel. You can wear this to job interviews or important life events. You have to make sure that it fits or you can have it tailored so it doesn’t look awkward on you.

It may not seem like the most exciting thing to buy but it sure is a practical investment. You don’t need to rush and buy the first suit that you see, you can just wait for the next sale and purchase one with a discounted price.


Being in the young adulthood stage, your body thirsts for various activities. Aside from your routinary work schedule, body workout sessions may also be included in your daily agenda. This modern era isn’t just about career goals, but also about health and fitness goals! That is why having multivitamins is really a must-have for you.

There are actually a lot of multivitamins available in the market. For young adults who love to nourish their skin, they may opt for multivitamins that are intended to enhance our skin. If you are into achieving body goals or even aiming to have an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Denise Masino build, multivitamins for bodybuilding is what you need. Being physically healthy and fit is the best investment after all.


If you’re still in your 20s there’s a good chance that you are still engaged in sports. One of the sports that individuals in their teenage years up until the early 20s enjoy is Skateboarding. These sports allow people to be mobile and practice a sport that can be done at home.

By having a good skateboard allows you to practice skateboarding activities better. This will also be a memory keeper once you store it for how many years. It will serve you memories that your old self will definitely thank you for.

Lotto Tickets

Being in your 20s is the time of your life when are up for anything uncertain. Your bold young spirit is so ready to try if luck is in your favor. Don’t be afraid to buy lotto tickets. Who knows you’re just one bet away from becoming a young millionaire!

You may have heard of stories about first-time lottery bettors who were lucky enough to win the jackpot prize. Get a move on and go to the nearest lotto outlet in your area and try your luck. You could be the next person to jump in joy after seeing the PCSO lotto results!

Online Course

Individuals in their 20s often have a hunger for learning, seeking to pursue a passion project or trying to pick up a new skill for a side hustle. The online market offers a wide array of courses to choose from. You can learn social media marketing, a new language, and basic coding.

Coffee Maker

Having a good coffee maker at home can help you a lot of money by not going into expensive coffee shops the first thing in the morning. Also, these coffee makers are also used for added convenience and you have the freedom to make your coffee the way you want it to be.