Can You Afford To Hire an Internet Marketing Consultant?

Your aware marketing is a crucial component of your business but do you really have the time be concerned for your customers and clients and implement a comprehensive marketing plan?

Actually if you delegate media relations to an in-house employee, do you have the time to train that person? Do you have enough marketing knowledge and strategic experience to make wise decisions about how your marketing budget is spent?

Maybe the question should be, “Can you afford NOT to hire an internet marketing consultant?”

Internet marketing is significantly more than putting up a website. Professional consultants can offer keyword research and can also manage your Facebook fan page, Facebook ad campaigns, Twitter postings and your local advertising campaigns. Internet consultants should be up to date with the newest online strategies and should know how to get the most value for your money.

Here are some other tasks an internet marketing consultant can perform:

Strategic analysis and planning – identify your ideal client demographics; learn how to appeal to this target market; learn how to target market to this group locally using online ads.

Social media planning – find your most beneficial customers using social media; connect with these potential customers and engage in conversation that builds their trust in your brand name.

Social media management – delegate the customer engagement; supply the information to be shared each day and your consultant can schedule the posts.

Reputation management – consultants can search the web for online reviews and any mention of your company name, both negative and positive; they can also plan how best to handle any negative reviews.

Website critiques and search engine optimization - consultants can do keyword research to find which words or phrases are most often used to find your business and/or products. They can also hire ghost-writers to create content using these keywords so your website appears more frequently and much higher in the search engine results.

Managing ad campaigns – consultants can track the data for each ad campaign you implement. Knowing the number of views, click through, leads, and purchases will determine if the ad copy or image needs to be replaced.

Not all internet marketing consultants are experts in all these fields but the best consultants network with other service providers, so they generally have a large list of team members or friends they can refer for each task.

Even if your business is new or you are a true do it yourself, hiring experts is an economical investment rather than trying to learn and comprehend everything yourself. You could easily work 18 hour days between your clients and learning internet marketing but then will you in actuality be efficient and pleasant during business hours?

To find an internet marketing consultant, search online, ask your colleagues, or ask your chamber of commerce or other business networking group for referrals. Getting a recommendation from friends is always better to hiring someone without consideration but always conducts an interview and check references before signing any contracts.