Eco Consulting is Earth Friendly

A great number of people like to work with and support their fellow businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Clearly this benefits all involved in many instances, but when it comes time to hire a Certified Eco Consultant, it makes sense to work with the best that you can find, even if they are out of your area, state, or perhaps even in another country. Simply put, just because someone is “local” does not mean they are suitable or qualified to help you reach your goals.

Considering the fact that you can work with a Certified Eco Consultant via phone, fax, e-mail, and even video conferencing, it makes sense to find the best of the best. In addition, telephone coaching or video conferencing can include your management team or staff from various locations. There may be other benefits, too, including a better price and more value, and one thing that is certainly at the top of the list — it can be more eco friendly.

The impact of not having a local Certified Eco Consultant travel back and forth to your office can be substantial, ranging from wear and tear on their vehicle, keeping another car off the road, less gasoline being consumed, and other travel-related costs including lodging (depending on how far they may have to travel).

A Certified Eco Consultant is qualified to evaluate your operation, offer marketing, management, and purchasing advice, and will have numerous ideas to help grow your business in a more sustainable way.

Unlike a typical “inspector” who might want or need to walk through your office or facilities with white gloves and a clipboard — perhaps secretly hoping to find hidden problems that may make you defensive — a Certified Eco consultant can easily email you a “Green Practices Assessment” that you can honestly fill out at your convenience and then send back to him or her.

Once done, a Certified Eco Consultant can review it and provide you with time and money saving suggestions and an Eco Action Plan to help you reach your goals. Sure, there are naysayers out there who have such a low opinion of humanity that they think that anything less than having some stuffed suit personally inspecting your business or organization can and will lead to “green washing.”

However, the fact of the matter is, most business owners and managers would not go out of their way to hire a Certified Eco Consultant and spend their valuable time filling out a Green Practices Assessment, and then provide false answers simply so they can hang a “Green Certification” on their wall. For the same time, money, and effort, most business owners and managers would be interested in telling the truth, while revealing all the dents, warts, and imperfections, in view and out of view, with the knowledge that a Certified Eco consultant will provide them with an Eco Action Plan to help them fix problems, resolve issues, and ultimately help their client go green.

Another benefit to hiring the best Certified Eco Consultant you can find — no matter where they are — and receiving your consultation via phone or video conferencing is that all communications can be recorded. If someone on your team has an inevitable conflict, they can still hear a tape and feel connected, and you can refer back to the suggestions from your Certified Eco Consultant at your convenience.

So when the time comes for you to hire an Certified Eco Consultant, don’t be fooled or impressed by companies claiming to have “the largest army” (or whatever terms they choose) of Eco or Green Consultants, and that you can find one in a town near you. The fact is, you can easily go on line, find one of the best, interview them for the job, find out their experience, get references, and hire the best — even if they are far away. After all, you deserve the best, and now you know that hiring a virtual Eco Consultant is earth friendly.