7 Tips to Boost Sales at Craft Shows

Have you ever thought about selling your handmade crafts at local craft fairs? It’s a great way to make money sharing the craft creations you love to create.
But when you invest money in a booth it’s important to make the most of your time and effort at the show.

So how do you drive traffic to your booth and maximize sales? Below are seven of our best tips:

1) Setting up your booth. Make your booth attractive visually so it stands out. Try a coloured tablecloth and use the wall space behind you if possible.

Invest in a banner so attendees can see your company name. This will present you more professionally, eliciting a level of trust needed to make the sale.

2) Make prices easy to see. Use price tags and signs that are clear and easy to read. If customers have to guess on price it scares them into not buying.

3) Rock your displays. Place items at varying heights for visual interest. Many crafters love using our Best Craft Organizer Accordion Style Foldable Displays.

Set up is fast and easy, plus they collapse for easy storage. Check it out here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCrgxBIVr4M)

4) Offer freebies. People can’t resist freebies. Set out a bowl of mints, candies, or promotional items to draw traffic to your booth.

It would be great to also have a draw for a free item, which gives you an opportunity to do a show follow-up with those that entered.

5) Greet customers. Say hello! Stand and greet your table visitors to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Ask them how their day is going or what brings them to the show. Building rapport FIRST before selling is important. You will have much better chances at sales if you are friendly and non-pushy.

6) Engage customers with stories. Customers love hearing about your craft. Tell them what materials are used in the craft. Share how long each one takes to make.

Part of what makes crafts special is the fact they are homemade. Purchasers don’t just want an item, they want to know the history of the handmade piece.

Sharing these details can clinch the sale. If possible, set up a space for you to demo creating your craft – this will create a captivated audience who will get a first-hand idea of the skill involved in your creation.

7) Repeat business. After a customer buys, thank them for their purchase and send them off with a coupon for future purchases.

I hope these tips inspire some ideas on how to make your booth more appealing at your next craft show which will result in more sales and a great success!

Here’s What You Should Know About Selling Jewelry On eBay

Are you considering selling jewelry on ebay?
That’s a great decision. As a matter fact, eBay is one of the best sites for selling jewelry online. Yes, eBay has been around since the 1990s, and is no longer the force it was back then. It has been overtaken by Amazon in most areas. But nobody can deny that eBay has a massive following all over the world, especially in the United States.

eBay gets a traffic in the millions every day. It is one of the most visited sites in the world and eBay customers are loyal, they keep coming back day after day, year after year, always hunting for the best deals.

That’s why eBay is probably one of the best places to sell jewelry online. There is a huge market for online jewelry – over 30 million people buy rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and a wide variety of other jewelry items every day, on eBay, Amazon and countless other online stores.

That is why selling jewelry on eBay is a wonderful business opportunity that you should certainly take advantage of. So are you ready to start your own online jewelry store on eBay? Then there is one thing you should pay attention to – where to source your jewelry from?

If you want to make money by selling jewelry on eBay, you should source the products from somewhere. The trick is to buy your jewelry in bulk from a wholesale jewelry seller at affordable wholesale rates and sell the same at retail rates on eBay. There is a lot of potential for an excellent profit to be made in this manner.

The first thing, though, is to find a jewelry manufacturers that you trust totally, someone who is reliable, trustworthy, responsive to your queries and ensures fast, speedy delivery. You want a wholesale jewelry seller who provides you with products of the finest quality in bulk.

SilverLots is just the sort of company that you should be looking at. SilverLots is a leading manufacturer of Sterling Silver Jewelry and we have hundreds of clients from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates and dozens of other countries.

We specialize in selling silver jewelry of the highest quality. We sell a range of top-rated real sterling silver jewelry wholesale lots such as sterling silver earrings wholesale, sterling silver bracelets wholesale, sterling silver rings wholesale, sterling silver necklaces wholesale, sterling silver bangles wholesale, sterling silver chains wholesale, cz rings wholesale, cubic zirconia earrings wholesale and many more! – all of which are available at wholesale prices.

We have a factory and design center in China and hire expert craftsmen from Hong Kong. We make use of advanced jewelry manufacturing techniques and use sophisticated equipment to make jewelry of a world class quality at a high degree of precision. We handle every stage of the jewelry making process from the concept to design to manufacturing.

If you have only recently started selling jewelry on eBay, your requirements may be small. So you will be pleased to know that unlike other wholesalers, we offer a low minimum order quantity of 1 to 5 pieces per design. This should suit your purpose perfectly.

The Right Form for the Right Job

How do you know your form is getting all the information you need to successfully help your client? Where can you go to have your forms compared with other forms in your industry? Why do you need a Printing Service? What IS a Printing Service? All of these questions and more can be answered simply by visiting American Printing Services, LLC.
Your forms are your business lifelines. You need to know you have the right information to continue serving your customer effectively. If you leave out some pertinent information, a sale could be lost, or MANY sales! Careful planning must be involved when designing a form either online or in house. Data capture is the most important thing and American Printing Services, LLC knows how to set you up for success. Designing and comparing forms with other people in your industry has been a forte of theirs for over 15 years. From “off the shelf” to custom made to your business needs, the forms industry is at their fingertips.

Having a printing service like American Printing Services, LLC is like having a personal shopper for all your business forms, marketing supplies, labels and advertising all rolled into one. With an extensive network of dealer only manufacturers, several years experience in the ever changing market of paper goods and a professional ethic that is hard to beat, this printing service is more than just a supplier, they are a budget conscience tool that EVERY business needs to have at their table.

Most printers have only a small niche where they are competitive. This is due to being a local supplier with a small network of paper products that they stock for production at their facility. But American Printing Services, LLC is not tied down to one plant, one city, one set of products where they can be competitive. Instead they use their wide network of plants, suppliers and experts to locate that perfect plant to print your product and save you money and time in the process.

How to Choose a Couch

Buying furniture may seem like an easy task, but once you get into the process, you will soon realize it isn’t as easy as you thought. This is especially true when buying a couch. The is likely the largest piece of furniture in your living space, so you must choose it with care. There are several steps you need to take along with ensuring you are working with the right home furniture stores in Atlanta.

Size is the first thing you must consider because it affects every other option. You need to think about your space and where the couch will go in your home. Measure to make sure you are getting accurate details. Also, think about use. For example, if you know there are normally three people sitting on the coach at a time, you need a good-sized couch. Does anyone take a nap on the couch? This may also affect your size choices.


Next, consider the material of the couch. Like the size, the material choices will affect other options you have. You may want to visit home furniture stores in Atlanta to get a better look at the material options and consider what you want. Also, do some online investigation to see what others have to say about different materials. Some may be easier to clean than others or last longer than others. These are good things to know.

Color or Pattern

Finally, you need to consider the color or pattern of the couch. This will usually be limited by your other choices of size and material, so you probably will not have too hard of a time choosing a color. In addition, you are putting in a room that already has décor and a style, so you will need to match it to that.

Optional Features

Once you have decided upon the couch you want, you can consider any extra features, such as built in recliners or oversized options. You may also consider waterproofing it or getting other special things done to treat the fabric or surface.

When you know what you want and have a good plan, you are ready to head to home furniture stores in Atlanta to make your purchase. When you get to the store, you may see other options that you like, so be flexible, but do keep your basic choices in mind, especially size, because you don’t want to change your mind to something that ends up not working.

4 Important Questions to Ask When Looking at New Homes for Sale in Lemont

Nobody wants to purchase a new home, move in and suddenly realize he or she has made a mistake. At this point, it’s too late. This is why people take such a long time to make a home-buying decision. There are so many questions you must ask, including the four listed below. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a 30-year mortgage that you are desperate to get out of when you purchase one of the new homes for sale in Lemont.
1. Does Everyone Get His or Her Own Room?

Space is a primary reason people move, and most of the time it’s a need for more space. Either way, ask yourself if everyone needs his or her own room. You want to purchase a new home that is large enough to accommodate your entire family, so is it time to give all the kids their own space, or do they continue to share? What about the future? Are you planning on moving an elderly parent in anytime soon? How many bedrooms do you need exactly?

2. Is There Need for Extra Rooms?

Another question you should ask when looking at new homes for sale in Lemont is whether you need extra rooms. This isn’t the dining room, family room, etc. It’s an office, a game room, a sunroom and so one. Do you need any extra rooms to ensure you will be happy in your home for a long time? If so, make certain to add them to your room count so you can find an abode that has everything you’ll need.

3. What About Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are the most fought-after room in the house, so it might be time to get some extra ones. Do you think it’s crazy to have a home with more bathrooms than bedrooms? Do you have teenage daughters? Yep – it’s not crazy at all. Keep the peace and your sanity by calculating how many bathrooms you need and then adding an extra one to the tally. You never know when you might have guests.

4. Home or Property? Which Is More Important?

Finally, what do you want to be larger, your home or your property. Some people are fine with a smaller home as long as they have plenty of land; others could care less if they’re practically on top of their neighbors as long as their home is big. Talk with your family and think about the importance of both. You might find that people may still share rooms as long as they spend a lot of time in a big backyard of one of the new homes for sale in Lemont.

Maximize Company Profitability With a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

A search engine optimization consultant establishes a website and promotes its products and services in the market. This is to establish their company’s brand name and translate this into higher sales. The job of optimization is intricate and sometimes cannot be handled by the website owner. This is also labor intensive as a specific person needs to supervise the website on a 24 hour basis, make updates and check the page views.

This is where a search engine optimization consultant comes into the picture. Their task is very critical as the achievement of the website owner’s goal is in their hands. More so, the future of this company depends greatly on how well the consultant does their job. The consultant is centered on the technicalities of how a website will get to the top rank and gather its target audience. Search engine optimization is briefly defined as the process of enhancing the visibility or popularity of a website or even a web page in search engines. The company may choose from any of the various types of searches like video, image, news, academic and others, depending on their target audience.

A company whose goal is to gather high traffic for its website is advised to get the services of a search engine optimization consultant before making the final design. This is because there are factors and items in a website to make it “searchable” by a wider audience. The consultant will have to work hand in hand with the website owner and information technology staff to discuss these issues which are paramount in the achievement of the company’s goals. An effective optimization consultant can be determined by how he spends time and effort in helping the company reach its goals, not by how much the consultant will earn. Priority in the consultant’s list must be the future of the website they are about to handle. Each company has its own specific requirements and goals, and these have to be dealt with accordingly by the consultant.

Open communication between the client and the consultant is also very important. An effective consultant must be willing to accept the suggestions of the company as it must be willing to give suggestions which would improve the website. The consultant must be able to give honest to goodness critiques of the website with the end in view of improving it to gain higher rankings. As soon as the contract has been signed between the consultant and the website owner, the latter must be able to unselfishly train and advise the information technology staff of the company on how to oversee the operations. These in-house staff needs to be informed and updated of developments as the need arises. This is important so that when the contract ends, or in case of extreme emergencies, the in-house staff will be able to address them. Looking at the long-term state of the website must be among the priorities of an effective consultant.

Transparency must also be the key in the consultant’s and the website owner’s relationship. The consultant must honestly inform the company, the status of their website. They must honestly tell when mistakes are done and must be willing to make amends immediately. At the end of the day, the final gauge of the effectiveness of a search engine optimization consultant is how far the goals of the company have been achieved. Choosing an optimization consultant is a critical decision for any website owner because it will either make or break it.

How to Hire a Business Planning Consultant

There are certain things that must be considered before you hire a business planning consultant: The following are some of the most important things to consider when hiring a consultant:

You must have a contractual agreement. The consulting agreement sets out the parameters of the relationship, specifies the services to be performed, and sets forth the timeframe in which the work needs to be completed. Both parties should sign the agreement.

You must check the consultant’s background. The skills and abilities of consultants vary widely. You should conduct your due diligence and check references to help you determine if the consultant is right for your business.

Be sure that no one in-house can do the job. Companies commonly fail to consider the various skills of their employees before hiring a consultant. Take the time to re-read the resumes of your staff before you spend more money than necessary to hire a consultant.

Be sure to check the compensation scale. Check the going rate in the industry and do some research to find out the pay range for the services you require before overpaying a consultant.

The payment for expenses should be spelled out in the consulting agreement. The consultant will expect his or her expenses to be covered, and these should be discussed in advance and spelled out in the consulting agreement so they do not come as a surprise when they appear on the invoice.

Be sure the consultant is available on the time schedule you require. Make sure the consultant is available to work on your project on your schedule. If the consultant accepts your job but cannot start for three weeks, you need to know that in advance to be certain that your deadlines will be met.

Conduct a thorough hiring interview. Take the interview process very seriously with consultants just as you would do with prospective employees. A consultant you hire will be involved in the future of your business, and it is imperative that you conduct a comprehensive interview.

Have the consultant sign a letter of confidentiality. Consultants are free agents, and you need to keep in mind that they may work for your competition after completing your project. Therefore, you must have a signed letter of confidentiality from the consultant to protect your trade secrets and confidential information.

Clearly describe the project. Be sure that the consultant and you are not on the same page from the start to avoids misunderstandings and complications later on.

Introduce the consultant to your staff. Your employees start need to know who this person is and why they are asking for files or asking about certain projects. Introduce the consultant to your regular employees, especially those with whom he or she will be working.

The consultant must have marketing and finance skills and experience. They must understand the U.S. industrial and business climate. They must understand your company and the industry. They must know who your competitors are and how they do business. Be sure the consultant shows you the research they have done in preparing your business plan.

The consultant must do more than just write a business plan. A business plan needs to reflect a carefully thought-out business strategy for growth and profitability. Your business plan consultant must work with you to develop and refine your business strategy. The consultant needs to meet with you several times to learn, think through, and discuss your marketing, financial and operating strategies.

Before you hire a consultant, do your research and look at the work the consultant has done in the past. Be sure the consultant has the academic credentials and experience necessary to do a comprehensive business plan. Be sure the consultant knows how to prepare a business plan that will meet your needs, whether it is for raising capital, applying for business loans, meeting IRS requirements, or supporting grant requests.

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Accomplish Your Business Goals With IT Consulting Services

Growing significance of IT consulting services

The IT system of your business enterprise must be healthy to restructure business processes and make employee productivity much better. Businesses relying on IT system avail IT consulting services to ensure that they meet their business objectives and gain business success. These services are indispensable in the success of your business, as they help to maintain the productivity of your employees. IT consulting service offered by your IT consultant enables you to comprehend the risks, investments, advantages and resources required to discover the most ideal solutions for your systems.

Reasons behind hiring IT consultants

Hiring IT consulting companies ensure the stability of your business enterprise. There are various consulting firms that provide you with a wide range of IT solutions for enhancing and maintaining the security of your business IT environment. If your hire one of the best IT consulting companies, your business will definitely enjoy transparency and increased IT security.

Role played by IT consultancy in business

IT consulting firms help you to optimally use new and the most advanced technologies. They improve your business; make it more profitable and effective. They automate your operations and save upon operational costs. You gain competitive edge in the global market with IT consulting services.

Firms offering consulting services in the field of IT bear specialization in helping businesses use their latest IT systems to the maximum. IT consulting service makes your business highly productive and cost-effective. IT consultants are skilled, experienced and trained in a way that they can easily understand business processes and practices of today. Business enterprises can enjoy benefits out of this information and use it in accordance with their specific requirements, goals and conditions. These consultants help you to increase your know-how on latest system IT infrastructures and use them to accomplish your business objectives.

Achieve your business goals through IT consulting services

Today, various businesses hire IT consulting firms in order to make their IT systems robust and safe. IT consultants ensure that your business processes have the support of required IT solutions for better and improved productivity. You add to your business expenses by hiring and training skilled and experienced IT professionals. Therefore, by hiring IT consulting companies, you can work with an effective and expert IT team. These firms utilize the latest technologies in order to develop an IT solution that brings efficiency and quality to the internal business processes. They are best at upgrading the latest technology versions.

One of the most important IT consulting services is IT managed services. These managed services make it easier for your business clients and customers to access your data from a centralized data center. This in turn reinforces better team coordination and brings about better productivity and performance thus, helping your business attain its specific objectives. Disaster management is yet another benefit of hiring IT consultants. They prepare you to tackle all kinds of disasters. These consultants maintain a backup of all your data and information safely in order to ensure you business continuity.